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Black Hawk Down Definition
The act of strapping your sex partner's arms to a ceiling fan, laying underneath them with your dick in their orifice, and turning the fan on so they spin around on your dick.Usually accompanied by helicopter sound effects or yelling."Speaking of Helicopters, my girlfriend gave me a Black Cock Down last night." <br />"What?" <br />"Don't ask..."
when engaging in sexual intercourse with a black woman you pick her up while still inside her, and spin her around like a helecopter blade then let her go flying.'i was having sex with laphandah and gave her the black hawk down..she went flying' 
When you hover over the toilet to defecate, and a large piece of feces misses the bowl and sticks to the seat. Disgusted and embarrassed, the guilty party leaves the scene without cleaning up.Don't hit that stall in the corner, bro. There's a blackhawk down. A black hawk down is defined by the precise motion of a black male performing wiener copters in semi-perfect circles and effectively wacking his partner in the face; thus, stopping the seemingly perpetual motion of the black wiener copter. Additionally, the answer is "no"--if you are a "sniper" and perform a heroic wiener copter you unfortunately do not get a congressional medal of honor.Black hawk down that trifling hoe.

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